Landhaus Kehl - Hotel & Gasthof Rhön

Future needs its origin

A few years have passed since the great grandparents Aloysia and Rudolf Kehl laid the foundations of our present day business venture in the late 1920s when they bought the guesthouse in the heart of Lahrbach. Over the years the village pub evolved into today’s restaurant and hotel with more than 70 beds.

In the early 1950s the grandparents Paul and Aloysia took over and rebuilt the guesthouse which had been destroyed during the war. This was the time when the renown „Kehl’s Schnitzel“ was born, the first bed and breakfast was offered and the remaining agricultural farm work was put aside. From then on all focus was directed towards gastronomy and the hotel business.

The biggest change in the venture was yet to come when Dieter Kehl and his wife Eva took fate into their hands in the late 1970s.

The rural hotel, the luxury house, the new fitness area, the renovated little Rhön room – to just name a few– emerged during this time. Meanwhile the couple managed to raise three sons: Alexander, Sebastian and Benjamin.
Currently Alexander has a management position in a large German firm, Sebastian is working on his soccer career, while Benjamin has set himself the goal to follow the path set forth for the family business.

Although many things have changed structurally and technically over time, the warmth and hospitality has remained through all the years of family Kehl and makes the Landhaus Kehl a unique retreat.

God willing, a fifth generation awaits to add another chapter to this tradition.